Superior Dairy Barns Will Enable Better Production

International Steel Buildings' metal buildings for milking rooms and production buildings give you affordable quality, and a building that is virtually maintenance free. The buildings versatility, patented metal building design and superior engineering adapt these strong and sturdy steel structures to virtually any agriculture related building use. Our steel buildings are impervious to rust and rot and insect and vermin-proof. These durable and strong steel buildings have no rafters on which birds may roost and leave droppings that potentially ruin production equipment, machinery or sicken livestock. With a clearspan design, our steel buildings have complete usable space in which to easily move heavy farm machinery, livestock, and equipment. With International Steel Buildings you can relax because our buildings come with a 40-year rust-through perforation warranty.

Light guage steel buildings for dairy barns, milking & production metal buildings

Q-Model steel buildings are ideal for milking machine set-ups, milk production assembly lines, dairy barn layouts, and for storing hay grain and feed and sheltering farm livestock and machinery from the weather. The International Steel Span® Q-model metal building features the classic Quonset style building design. This extremely versatile building is supplied in widths starting from twenty ft (6 meters) to one hundred ft (30 meters) and are able to be constructed to virtually any length that may be called for. Your Q-model steel building would be the largest metal building model we supply, which makes it the farmer's first choice for grain, hay and commodities storage.

S-Model steel buildings are ideal dairy barns, for milking machine set-ups and livestock shelter with plenty of room for vet treating areas, calving stalls and dry cow areas. The International Steel span S-Model features straight walls along with a round top and high interior side wall clearance that enables equipment to get pulled up near to the interior walls yet still offers lots of height to permit the utilization or hydraulic lifts and large machinery without any concerns regarding height. The widely used S-model metal building is available in widths from sixteen ft. (5 meters) to fifty ft. (15 m) and unrestricted lengths without any beams or posts to offer utmost usable interior space for to garage and maintain your vehicles with a minimum financial expense.

The A-Model steel buildings, together with timeless design and high roof pitch, work well in high-snow locations for livestock housing and hay, grain and equipment storage. The A-model steel building can be the ideal building for your weekend hunting camp, vehicle garage, even a work shop, product warehouse, or perhaps recreational vehicle storage space in locations having challenging weather conditions that make various other structures not practical or even not possible. The particular A-model building can be obtained in widths of sixteen ft (5 meters) to forty ft (12 meters) along with lengths virtually as long as you may require.

What Makes International Steel Span Number One

International Steel Span is serious about quality and customer service. We supply a superior technological product with respect for our workers and the environment. International Steel Span's goal has always been 100% customer satisfaction, while constantly looking for ways to improve our buildings. Every International Steel Span building is designed and tested to the highest standard of quality and is engineered to withstand the most severe weather conditions, including heavy snows, high winds, earthquakes and even hurricanes.

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