Agricultural Buildings

Light gauge steel buildings for grain and commodities storage, livestock barns, machine sheds, garages and agricultural equipment storage give you quality and durability, and a building that is virtually maintenance free. The buildings versatility, patented metal building design and superior engineering adapt these sturdy steel structures to almost any agriculture related building use. These light gauge steel building are impervious to rust and rot, insect and vermin-proof. These durable steel buildings have no rafters on which birds may roost and defecate on your stored items. With no posts or beams, our steel buildings have completely usable space in which to store hay, grain, and materials, and plenty of space to store and maneuver farm machinery and equipment.

All International Steel Span® buildings regardless of the model you choose provide quality, economy and durability, and give you a building that is virtually maintenance free. Their versatility and superior design and engineering characteristics adapt them to virtually any use.

Q-Model steel buildings are great to store hay, for use as a granary, livestock barn or machine shed. The Q-Model building has a classic military design that allows for superior strength in widths from 20 ft (6 m) to 100 ft (30 m) and unlimited lengths.

S-Model steel buildings can be used as a dairy barn, workshop or machine shed, and are great for a warehouse or commodities storage. The S-Model comes in widths from 16 ft. (5 m) to 50 ft. (15 m) and unlimited lengths with high sidewall clearance and a clear span interior with no beams or posts to provide maximum usable space for minimum financial investment.

P-Model steel buildings have vertical walls for maximum usable space and are available in widths ranging from 14ft (5 m) to 30ft (9 m) and in unlimited lengths. P-Model steel buildings are adaptable for many different uses, such as a back yard shop, a commercial shop, or a workshop to store your equipment.

The A-Model steel building is available 16 ft (5 m) to 40 ft (12 m) wide with unlimited lengths making the A-Model building ideal for steel garages, workshops, warehouses and commodity storage, barns and utility buildings in high-snow areas and countries with difficult climate conditions.

What Makes International Steel Span Number One

International Steel Span is serious about quality and customer service. We supply a superior technological product with respect for our workers and the environment. International Steel Span's goal has always been 100% customer satisfaction, while constantly looking for ways to improve our buildings. Every International Steel Span building is designed and tested to the highest standard of quality and is engineered to withstand the most severe weather conditions, including heavy snows, high winds, earthquakes and even hurricanes.

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Steel provides exception protection against the elements