Equine Buildings, Horse Barns and Stalls

International Steel Span® steel buildings are the wise choice for horse barns, covered indoor riding arenas, equine therapeutic and training centers, tack rooms, hay storage and veterinary centers. International Steel Span buildings are stronger than I-beam buildings and sturdier than stick-built barns. They are fast, easy and economical to build, and they are virtually maintenance free. Unlike unsanitary pole barns, International Steel Span's durable super-tough steel buildings have no rafters on which birds may roost, defecate and spread disease to your valuable horses, while ruining your hay, water, equipment.

You can have confidence in the superior strength and durability of an International Steel Span building. All International Steel Span buildings are made of AZ55 (metric AZ180) Galvalume coated steel with seven times the rust resistance of common galvanized steel and come with a 40-year rust-through perforation warranty. International Steel Span buildings' engineering and patented design are made to withstand the worst weather, high winds, heavy snows, torrential rains and even earthquakes and hurricanes while sheltering your horses and keeping your property safe and dry. The panels fit tight when bolted together making it fast and easy to assemble, and the bolts sit on a flat surface giving a tight seal with no leaks to keep you warm and dry.

The Q-Model building is the preferred building for large indoor riding arenas. The Q-Model design allows for superior strength in widths from 20 ft (6 m) to 100 ft (30 m) and unlimited lengths with no posts or beams to get in the way and present a hazard, giving both horse and rider plenty of room to feel comfortable. Q-Model steel buildings have plenty of room for horse stalls, tack rooms, veterinary and therapeutic centers too.

The S-Model building is great for a smaller riding building, while providing ample space for tack room, hay storage, veterinary and equine therapeutic centers. S-Model buildings are available in widths from 16 ft. (5 m) to 50 ft. (15 m) and unlimited lengths with high sidewall clearance and a clear span interior with no beams or posts, providing maximum usable space for minimum financial investment. Like all International Steel Span Buildings, S-Model buildings have proven maintenance free durability.

P-Model buildings with vertical walls for maximum usable space are great for horse barns with stalls and horse barns with stalls and living quarters. P-Model steel buildings are available in widths ranging from 14ft (5 m) to 30ft (9 m) and in unlimited lengths. The end walls of these versatile buildings are easily customizable to suit your taste and make for pretty horse barns that fit beautifully into any environment.

The A-Model steel building features a 4:12 roof pitch designed for heavy snow loads and can be insulated to withstand the coldest weather conditions. The A-Model is available 16 ft (5 m) to 40 ft (12 m) wide with unlimited lengths, giving you plenty of room for a horse barn with stalls or a horse barn with stalls and living quarters, tack room, veterinary and therapeutic centers. A-Model buildings are perfect for high-snow areas and countries with difficult climate conditions.

What Makes International Steel Span Number One

International Steel Span is serious about quality and customer service. We supply a superior technological product with respect for our workers and the environment. International Steel Span's goal has always been 100% customer satisfaction, while constantly looking for ways to improve our buildings. Every International Steel Span building is designed and tested to the highest standard of quality and is engineered to withstand the most severe weather conditions, including heavy snows, high winds, earthquakes and even hurricanes.

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