Steel Buildings, Metal Buildings and Crop Storage Barns

Crop Storage Made Easy: International Steel Span® Metal Crop Storage Barns

Drying Grain
Grain is dried before being transferred into the building

Transferring Grain
With the top of the ventilator removed, grain transfers into the building by means of an auger.

100% Usable Space
Grain can be stored in the building up to 3-4 meters at the sides.

Bulkhead Placement
A bulkhead placed in front of the building's door prevents grain from reaching the door.

Corn Storage - Fan Systems
Installation of fan systems through the cement wall upon which the building is constructed enable air to be pumped into the aeration tubes.

Corn Storage - Aeration Tubes
The installation of aeration tubes helps to alleviate the build-up of heat during corn storage.

Reinforced Endwall
Endwall reinforcement allows grain to be piled against it.

Unloading Grain
Grain is unloaded from the building into a truck with a blower.

What Makes International Steel Span Number One

International Steel Span is serious about quality and customer service. We supply a superior technological product with respect for our workers and the environment. International Steel Span's goal has always been 100% customer satisfaction, while constantly looking for ways to improve our buildings. Every International Steel Span building is designed and tested to the highest standard of quality and is engineered to withstand the most severe weather conditions, including heavy snows, high winds, earthquakes and even hurricanes.

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