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International Steel Span keeps you sheltered from the elements with cost-effective trussless metal buildings

International Steel Span's four building systems serve a variety of needs, including agricultural, commercial (offices, retail shops), garages, warehouses, military, industrial, workshops and recreational facilities (sports practice arenas).

Technical Specifications

Affordability and Ease of Assembly


P-model steel buildings

Our Most Attractive Model!

  • Best used as:
  • Garages
  • Backyard sheds
  • Workshops
  • Commercial storefonts


S-model steel buildings

Our Most Popular Model!

  • Best used as:
  • Garages and workshops
  • Industrial applications
  • Warehouses
  • Animal shelters


Q-model steel buildings

Our Most Economical Model!

  • Best used as:
  • Storing grain or hay
  • Equipment storage
  • Warehouses
  • Truck garages
International Steel Span


  • Garages
  • Industrial Storage
  • Two Car Garage
  • Mini Warehouse
  • Workshops
  • S-Model Workshops
  • Farm Equipment Storage
  • Grain Storage
  • Industrial Equipment Storage
  • Large Vehicle Garage
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Steel provides exception protection against the elements